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About Us.

Our Mission

Providing those in recovery with clean, beautiful and safe housing, whilst maintaining a drug-and-alcohol-free environment, and encouraging recovery and self-growth


Our Process

  1. Call our office at 813-400-0161 to learn more about our program

  2. Visit our home to decide if this is the best fit for you

  3. Complete the Intake Form.

  4. Applicants should not have any records of sex crimes.

  5. Applicants should be independent enough to bath, dress, eat, use the restroom, maintain daily personal hygiene, and/or obtain and take medications without supervision or assistance.  If applicants need assistance in any of the aforementioned, applicants should arrange for these services with a home health care company. Dusk To Dawn Group LLC does not provide any care services.

  6. All admitted residents must be drug and alcohol free at admission and must remain drug and alcohol free during their entire stay with Dusk To Dawn Group LLC

  7. Applicants approved into the program will pay a $50 administration fee and their prorated first month's payment.

  8. Approved applicants will continue to make monthly payments. Residents are welcomed to stay as long as they like provided that they follow the house rules.

  9. Approved occupants will be provided with affordable, all-inclusive housing enabling them to live within their budget. Included in their contribution fee is electricity, water, sewer and internet.

Our Values

  • Tranquility: All residents aim to contribute to a peaceful home environment

  • Respect: We aim to have mutual respect with and among all residents

  • Self-Development: All residents are required to have a personalized recovery plan, live productive lives, and to continuously pursue living out a better version of themselves.

  • Integrity: Every resident is expected to have integrity by upholding the rules that govern the home, always keeping in mind the betterment of the community living in the home. 

  • Feeling Personal Safety: All residents on the property should feel safe.  

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